Watermelon Summer Sangria

Thank goodness for watermelon season, right? This refreshing drink is so delicious and is perfect to serve at your next summer gathering!

Watermelon Summer Sangria



Prep time


Cooking timeminutes


  • 8 cups cubed watermelon (chilled helps!)

  • 4 limes, juiced

  • 1 lime sliced for garnish

  • 1 bottle of white wine of your choice

  • 1/4 cup honey

  • 1/2 cup of Triple Sec

  • Handful of fresh blueberries (frozen would be great for little ice cubes!)


  • Combine about 7 cups of your watermelon in a blender with your lime juice, about 1/2 cup of white wine, and honey. Blend until watermelon is liquified.
  • Strain your mixture as it goes into a pitcher just to be sure to catch any seeds.
  • Add into the pitcher the rest of your white wine and triple sec. Stir well. Add in the rest of your cubed watermelon and blueberries for garnish, either in the pitcher, or in each glass individually. Add a little lime on the side and ooh la la! Fancy, cute, and delicious!

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