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Lexington, NC

T grew up with a lot of family in Lexington, North Carolina, and she has great memories of visiting there. Recently, we decided to make a trip to their downtown and meet her cousin, Alice, for a visit, and it was wonderful! If you are looking for a great day trip in almost-central NC, this downtown is so worth it. We loved it so much, we’ve been twice together, and T went back and took her best friend!

Below is a video of our first time and we have more coming. For now, be sure to check out these specific places we love (and we know there are more we are going to visit!), and these are all within two blocks of one another. You’ll love it!

Missions Pottery with a huge selection of the most gorgeous pottery and other arts created by local vendors.
The Candy Factory – well, it’s like walking back in time, to an old general store, full of the most delicious candies and other gifts.
Perfect Blend Coffee – a wonderful little coffee shop with delicious pastries and right next door to Missions Pottery.
Rustic Roots – we’ve eaten here three times and guys, we’ve loved it every single time!

We have more coming on this wonderful town!

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