1618 West Seafood Grille: Greensboro

For B’s birthday this month, we wanted to get dressed up, and try a new restaurant. We could not be happier with the one we chose! B’s brother and sister-in-law, Steve and Leslie, had recommended it and they went with us. What a great night!

1618 West is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and is fine dining with a relaxed and absolutely beautiful aesthetic, a downtown industrial feel which is what we love. Our server was wonderful, so easy to talk to, and knowledgeable about everything on the menu. He helped us with our food and drink choices, making recommendations; he was the epitome of what good service should be.

And now, the food. There is no way to describe how delicious it all was, actually one of the best meals we can remember ever having! We’ve shared some photos here with captions as to what each dish is. Side note, T tried Beef Tartare for the first time and was so nervous, she’s such a weird eater, but she loved it so much, she is ready to order it for herself!

To end the night, the server brought out an beautiful little plate with four mini cheese cakes with a candle (see photo), and we didn’t even remember we told them it was B’s birthday. What a nice surprise!

If you want an absolutely amazing dining experience, visit 1618 West – you will not regret it!

Not pictured is T’s dish which was equally as beautiful and delicious: Chicken, applewood smoked, bacon wrapped, mushroom feta stuffed, jalapeno confit, creamy stone mill grits, crispy shoestring veggies, roasted leek demi.

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