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Floyd, VA: Final Day!

The final day in Floyd was certainly the most adventurous and so much fun! Here was our itenirary for the day:


Y’all…. my heart was so happy waiting on this all week! B had never been ziplining, I had once over a mountain gorge in Colorado on a dare and this was just something I couldn’t wait to experience with him. IT – WAS – FUN.

We got so lucky because they normally take groups of 10 together and no one else signed in our time slot!! We got the oh so wonderful and entertaining guides all to ourselves, Allen and Morgan. This zipline course is filled with 8 sections of lines taking you as high as 150 feet above the forest and they range from easy at the start to higher and longer as you go along! One section is 1/2 mile long so you pick up such momentum going down towards a valley that it carries you back up hill to the platform, wow. It was just such an exhilirating experience. We laughed a lot, thanks to our guides, our hearts raced a lot, and when we left, we both said it was the highlight of our trip! And by the way, this course is designed for children as young as 3 years old. That would have been me had they had ziplining way back in the day!


After ziplining, how appropriate and funny to go visit the local moonshine distillery! LOL. Owned by the son of our new friend, Kathy, Patrick was a joy to meet and clearly a mountain man at heart as he explained the history behind moonshine in the area and the distillery itself. Ask any old timers in the area and they’ll tell you that there used to be so many moonshiners’ fires, they looked like fireflies on a summer night, or how they would back up Five Mile Mountain to load up their trunks so they could then hightail it past the police coming to break them up.

Five Mile is the first distillery since prohibition. They use the same old recipes with traditional copper stills on open flames and in the distillery, you have a viewing area to see the creation.

One more interesting piece on the distillery is the building in which they reside which was built after WWII for a water treatment plant and which became vacant in 1976. Five Mile purchased the building in 2013 and repurposed it for the distillery and it looks like it was made for them.

Our visit included a moonshine tasting of about 7 moonshines made by Five Mile (and a slight buzz, lol) and then we each had a drink based with moonshine that were out of this world good! I won’t deny I was a little anxious about it having heard of moonshine my whole life (and having a bad experience as a rebellious teen:) but the drinks were delicious and it was so worth the visit!


Our last stop on our visit was at Outer Space. As I think about going from ziplining to moonshining, it was only fitting to end at Outer Space, right?! We had heard so many wonderful things about this place, we just had to give it a try. It is a vegetarian based restaurant, with a food truck on the side for Bootleg Barbeque, and when you arrive, you feel like you’re at a pitstop while at Woodstock. Their blue magic school bus filled with cool jewelry, scarves, and more, is dominant with an overhang covering a hodge podge of mismatched old tables and chairs and booths. There’s a bookcase where you can grab an old book if you want to sit and read, eclectic old metal finds and statues and things for sale. It is simply quirky, weird, and fun in all the best possible ways! And the food??? Wow!!! It was fantastic! B had the Easy Street Tacos and I had the Ensalada Del Dia and we loved them! We will definitely be back to Outer Space if we ever make it to Floyd again.


And that’s the end of our August trip of the month! Floyd was definitely a worthwhile trip and one that we would do again and stay a day longer so we could experience the Friday night everyone told us about. We had a lot of fun, shopped, ate, laughed, ate, laughed, and made some memories for our memory books.

Until next time, coming September, when we’ll share Washington, North Carolina (a/k/a Little Washington) with you, and then in October, you won’t want to miss what we have planned. Let’s just say it involves sleeping next to a river, a bathhouse, and going back to the 50s!

Thanks for following along!

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