Crema & Vine: Danville, VA

NOTE: We have some wonderful photos of this trip to Danville and this wonderful place. However, with the conversion to our new website, all the images did not carry forward properly, so those are forthcoming.

On this trip, we’d planned on going to a burger place, but they were closed for lunch. Fate intervened and we stumbled upon this jewel and will definitely be going back!

Crema & Vine is a wine and coffee bar but the website said they had great food. We envisioned an upscale bistro type place but we arrived to a refurbished old gas station – I loved it! There was a lot of outdoor seating but being March, well, you know. As we went inside, I will admit our initial reaction was that this was not a restaurant at all. It looked more like a wine and coffee bar as it had been described. Boy, were we wrong!

Our food was out of this world, the desserts were just as good, and we ordered quirky pizzas to take home for dinner – a great choice! We also enjoyed a specialty coffee which was delicious!

Steve, the owner, showed us his wine tasting system, which has the appearance of a giant slushie machine (woo hoo!), but customers purchase a card for the amount they want, and insert it to choose the wines they want to try, put up their glass, and the tastings begin! It’s – awe – some!

Steve and his wife are huge believers in community and their town of Danville. Restoring the old Esso station they’re in was part of that and they hope to do a lot more to serve and enhance their wonderful town.

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