Sweet Sundays: a Weekly Series

When it comes to regular cooking, B is the man (this is T talking in case you didn’t know, lol). He throws together recipes naturally like no man I’ve seen. He is also an avid Pinterest-aholic who studies recipes to inspire him, then adds his own flair or twist, and it always turns out delicious.

I like to cook but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to bake! Baking is fun for me and is my jam, butter, eggs, with powdered sugar on top! And it always tastes better using my Mama’s old wooden spoon.

To do more of something I love so much, we are announcing our Sweet Sundays! Starting May 7, 2023, we will post a sweet recipe of the week, one that has been baked, tasted and approved, in our kitchen that week. It will usually be seasonal or holiday related, and may be a pie or cake, but it might also be cookies, brownies, candies, even a sweet drink, you just never know. But it’ll definitely brighten up your Sunday feed!

So join us for Sweet Sundays, it’s gonna have all the ingredients to make you smile.

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